About Us

UG Steel Co. was established to be one of the most important producers of welded steel pipes in length and get the largest sales from the local and international market, due to the experience of the team and the production capacity of the factory where it produces welded pipes longitudinal in all forms and in all sizes and work according to To local and international standards to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction

Our Vision

To be the leading manufacturer of high quality longitudinal welded steel pipes in Egypt

Our Goals

1 - To continue to be one of the best producers of welded steel pipes
2 - Continuing production according to the highest standards
3 - Selective strategic expansion in emerging markets that provide long-term opportunities

Our Mission

To maintain total customer satisfaction. Not only to deliver a product but also to build lasting relationships with our local & global customers. We truly believe that our success is based on our customer's success.

Our Commitment

  • To maintain the highest ethical standards in all our business transactions
  • To provide a safe working environment for all our employees.
  • To respect and protect the environment.
  • Achieve the expectations of our shareholders

UG-Steel History


UG-Steel Factory was established to manufacture longitudinally welded pipes

Started its full operation

The plant began operating at full strength to produce longitudinally welded pipes

ISO certified

UG-Steel is ISO 9001 certified company

Rapidly Growth

UG-Steel has a large share of domestic and international market

Continue to succeed

UG-Steel factory achieves production conforming to local and international standards, thus achieving leadership and continuity